About Us

I grew up as an introvert with barely any friends playing video games, my first gaming console was my best buddy always putting it as a priority before anything else. I still remember days at school counting seconds to go back home and turn my console on and the day that I finally saved up enough money to buy my first gameboy color and sneaked it everyday to class to play my Pokemon game lol.

After graduating college and having hard time finding a job as a designer I finally decided to do something I love and can use my skills towards it! so I took a step and created a one stop gamers online store to do something that I care about!  the best place for gamers to find gifts, electronics, original designed apparel and lot more!

The main idea of Gamers Chamber is to help gamers finding their perfect gift for themselves and the loved ones! A friend, bf, gf, brother, sister, dad, uncle... For every occasion, event or holiday! With the most reasonable and AFFORDABLE prices! 

Oh btw don't forget to follow us on FB, IG and subscribe for some cool posts, sales and FREE GIVE AWAYS day in day out!!! Did I also mention we make donations for kids who can't afford Video games <3<3 just a small way to contribute in this universe and say thank you.

Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for being supportive and giving me the power and motivation to keep going!
Stay awesome and keep gaming!

Haytham B. 
Founder and CEO